Flashback 2018: My Sitecore Journey

Well, 2018 was one of the fantastic years in my Sitecore Journey. I know I haven’t written many blogs posts during this year and was heavily involved on ground work. It’s always a good idea to look back and pen down all gain & loss of the year. This will give you a clear picture about your last year actions and will certainly help you to set your next year’s goals. By keeping this in my mind, I am inspired to share my 2018 journey with you, my friends.

2018 – Year in Review
Here are few highlights:

  • 22 Sitecore Implementation Review
  • 10+ Sitecore Training Delivered
  • 20+ Happy Sitecore customer engagement
  • 7 Onsite customer visit/training
  • 7 Sitecore User Group Event held via SUGUAE
  • Sitecore 9 Certification
  • Participated in Guru Bar at Sitecore Symposium
  • Sitecore Commerce Certification
  • Participated in one of the tough jobs of reviewing Sitecore MVP application

And last but not least, completed yet another fruitful year while working with Sitecore! This doesn’t mean that I haven’t faced any loss in this 2018 year. I faced many personal challenges in this 2018 year and have learned many lessons out of that. 

I wish you all a very Happy & Healthy New Year. 

May God Fulfil all your dreams in this new year 2019!

Looking forward to 2019 with many hopes…

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