How To Hide Any Page OR Section from Live Sitecore Website?

Recently came across a very small but interesting question – how to hide any section or page from live website in Sitecore? Well, as Sitecore is famous for its flexible architecture which can definitely accommodate this requirement. But Sitecore newbies are not aware about it and on top of that – you will not find any answer to this question on internet easily. Hence thought to share it with this post – I am sure this will really help to beginners! But before we jump to solution – I have a very small question for you. Do you know whenever you access Sitecore Website (preview mode), under which user account does your website run? If you know this answer then your half journey to find the solution is done. Yes – you are thinking right – it’s under extranetAnonymous user account. So for what are you waiting now? You need to disable read access rights for extranetAnonymous user account on that item. It’s simple but tricky. isn’t it? Here are step by step screen grabs to configure the same which will remove read access rights for extranetAnonymous user, so that page will NOT be shown on your Sitecore website.

This will open up Access Viewer pop-up window. Make sure that you select extranetAnonymous user.

Clicking on Assign button will open another pop-up window where you need to remove read access rights.

Finally, click on OK and you are done. Have a Happy Sitecore Journey!

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