Sitecore Journey Has A New Milestone: Sitecore XP 8 Certification!

Recently I took a Sitecore training with certification exam for Sitecore XP 8 and want to share my experience by writing this blog post which may help Sitecore community growing out there.

I did Sitecore certification ages ago and was holding Sitecore 6.2 certification. Although I have started working on Sitecore 8 before one year but in order to have Sitecore partnership, it was much needed for me to upgrade it to Sitecore XP 8. For any organization to have Sitecore partnership, it is prerequisite to have a minimum of two local certified developers on latest major release (7.5+) Hence it was time for me to upgrade my Sitecore Certification from 6.2 to Sitecore XP 8. Below are the different paths available to grab Sitecore XP 8 Certification.

Option-1: Sitecore XP 8 ONLINE Course (Recently Launched)

  • Anyone can go for this online course.
  • This option is less expensive compared to other two options.
  • It is best suitable option to have Sitecore XP 8 certification.

Option-2: Sitecore XP One Day Upgrade Classroom Training Course

  • This upgrade course is only available for developers with certification on 6.5 or higher.
  • It is a bit expensive than online course but cheaper than four days full training course.

Option-3: Sitecore XP Four Days Classroom Training Course

  • Anyone can go for this classroom course, whether you have any existing Sitecore certification in any version or not.
  • This is most expensive course compared to other two options.
  • If you are not confident to pass with online training and want in-person training then this option would be best for you. A Sitecore Trainer will come and give training to you in this course.

Whatever option you select, the exciting moment is when you have your Sitecore XP 8 certificate in your hand, isn’ it?

It was an ice on cake for me when I secured top in the class by scoring 97 percentage!

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