Tip # 8 : Sitecore Tip Of The Day!

Did you know Sitecore List Manager Import CSV Format?

If your answer is no, then you should spend a minute on this quick blog post to sharpen your Sitecore skills. But If you are aware about this then you can skip this tip and check out other interesting tips posted on this blog.

This tip is brought to you by Brijesh Patel Sitecore List Manager is used to hold lists of contacts where these contacts can be recipients in an email campaign created in Sitecore Email Experience Manager. The List Manager is well documented by Sitecore at https://doc.sitecore.net/sitecore_experience_platform/81/digital_marketing/the_list_manager For creating a contact list you can, 1) Use List Manager: Firstly, create a list and keep on adding contacts manually. Might be a tedious task.  2) Import from CSV: List Manager allows to add contact via a CSV file. I had a question about what can be the format of the CSV file. Brijesh Patel figured it out but would like to share it here as Sitecore Tip of The Day. The CSV needs to have four fields, 1)Identifier: Not mandatory if email address is to be used as unique identifier 2)Email Address 3)First name 4)Last Name

The first row in a CSV file is a header and it is not imported. As List Manager allows mapping of fields any extra column defined in CSV which is not mapped will be ignored.

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