Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Sitecore Tip of The Day!

Friends, Let's start our day with Sitecore Tip of The Day in 2017!

I hope you must be exploring at least one new thing about Sitecore in everyday of your Sitecore journey. This new thing could be anything which is existing since ages but you didn't get a chance to try or explore it.

In this new year 2017, Sitecore journey is taking initiative to spread such hidden gems through Sitecore Tip of The Day blog post.

The idea behind this blog post is to start our day with Sitecore Tip of The day! Every day you will see a new tip here. It could be known to you but could be unknown to someone else.

If you are interested in this concept and if you have any Sitecore Tip to share with community then you are most welcome. Please fill this form and your tip will be published here with your name.
If you are not comfortable with form then send your tip via email.

Please make sure that your Sitecore tip should be small and sweet. 

Day 1 - Tip #1 

How to change default RSS feed count?

The default configuration for RSS feed count in Sitecore is 50. You can change it by configuring below setting in web.config file.

            The maximum number of items to include in the client feed.
            Default value: 50
<setting name="ClientFeeds.MaximumItemsInFeed" value="50" />

If you don't have any tip to share then also this blog post will help you to learn new thing everyday.
Let's start our day with Sitecore tip of the day!


  1. Thanks for the tip. Have a good one!

  2. Good start, you are always coming up with new ideas

  3. Good start, you are always coming up with new ideas

    1. Thank you Yogesh!
      Share any tip if you want to see here.

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  5. Can we a chrome app and send tips as push notifications to browser? No email reqd

  6. Nice Start! I suggest if you can have the latest tip to be on top, just below your description.