How to increase Sitecore Field height?

This is very simple post but sometimes makes you think how to achieve it. So thought to blog it which may help Sitecore newbies. If you are looking for increasing Sitecore field height in order to increase visiblity area, then this post will help you for the same. We will see Sitecore Multiline field example to demonstrate this post. Let’s see – below screen shows the default height of Multiline textbox.

Sometimes you want to increase height of Sitecore Multiline textbox in order to get more visibility area. This can be achieved by simply setting “Style” field under “Appearance” section of Sitecore Multiline textbox as suggested below.

You can see now there is more visibility area which will help user to read text with more comfort.

That’s all. Have a Happy Sitecore Journey!

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