Publish Bulk Items in Sitecore using Sitecore Bulk Publishing Tool

You will be agree with the fact that many times you want to publish a huge amount of Sitecore items and unfortunately there is NO way to select multiple items while publishing. So you need to select single item at a time and publish it. This is very time consuming process. This situation is especially happening with content author team in their day to day life of working with Sitecore to pop and publish the content. In order to increase efficiency of my content team, I have created a tool or you can say utility to publish bulk items in one go.

I am happy to contribute my 9th Sitecore module to the community. This is how Bulk Publishing Tool will look like when you install it from Sitecore Marketplace. The package contains one ASPX page named “BulkPublish.aspx” page which will be deployed under Sitecore -> Admin folder when you install this package.

You can give either Sitecore Item Path or IDs separated by new lines in right side text box. Clicking on publishing will show Publishing Summary of given page(s) as shown below.

You can download this tool/utility from Sitecore Marketplace. Feel free to customize this page as per your Sitecore environment and need.

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