Sitecore SubItem Count Module

The best part of Sitecore CMS is its flexible architecture. You can hook your code anywhere to fulfill your requirement.

One such small but very useful customization I did for our content author team recently. I believe content authors are one of the real stakeholders of Sitecore CMS who use your developed functionality almost every day. In order to improve content authors’ efficiency, I implemented “SubItem Count” functionality which will show “Child Count” of content tree items in gutter as shown in below figure.

Sitecore SubItem Count module will help your content authors to know the number of subitem for each item in content tree. It will help you to know two things: 1) Immediate Child Count 2) Descendant Count

The SubItem Count can be made visible and invisible by right clicking on gutter area in Sitecore Content Tree.

How to get this module?

This is my forth Sitecore Module contributed to community. You can download this module from Sitecore Marketplace.

How to contribute to this module?

In case if you want to customize this functionality further, then you can download and contribute code at GitHub. Thanks to my friend Ashish Bansal for contributing to this module.

What is inside this module?

As mentioned earlier, this is very simple and small module which contains below Sitecore item and DLL.

1) Assembly File:


2) Sitecore core database item:

    /core/sitecore/content/Applications/Content Editor/Gutters/SubItem Count

Hope your content author will like it!

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