Saturday, 1 November 2014

Are You Unable To Select User In Sitecore Access Viewer?

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If you are developer then FF must be your favorite browser. But if you are NOT able to select user/role under Access Viewer in Sitecore, then this post will help you to fix it.

1) Click Select User in the Access Viewer under Security menu
2) Select Role/User
3) Click OK
4) Neither Role/User is selected or shown in  Recent list

If you are facing such issue, then try to check if any Error under Console option under firebug in your Firefox browser.

If you come across is null error then it's a bug (accepted by Sitecore Support) which can be fixed easily.

1. Open the sitecore\shell\Controls\JqueryModalDialogs.html file.
2. Replace the following line:
    With these lines:
     if (top._scDialogs.length == 0 && navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Firefox") != -1) 
3. Save the changes and clear your browser cache.

Thank you Mike Chafin for sharing this fix on Sitecore forum. This will help lots of our Sitecore friends and will redirect Sitecore support traffic to Sitecore Journey :)

Keep your Sitecore Journey going on!!!

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