Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Code Generation Error While Using Sitecore TDS + GlassMapper

Most of Sitecore developers are now using TDS and GlassMapper in their solution. It's an awesome combination!

But you may find some challenges when you are setting up auto code generation feature of TDS by using GlassMapper. One of such challenge is facing the code generation error as shown below.

So are you facing same error? If yes, then you are at right post.

Solution is very simple!

We found that when you download and file, it has one extra blank line added in last line. Thanks to my colleague Mahek who helped me on this.

Remove this last blank line as suggested in below screens, and regenerate the code - you are done!

Hope this will help all those who are setting up TDS and GlassMapper in order to take advantage of auto code generation feature.

Have a Happy Sitecore Journey!


  1. I blogged about this error (amongst other parts of a post) a few months ago:

    The issue is down to carriage returns, and it only occurs if you use the "Download ZIP" option to download the repository via a browser. If you "Clone in Desktop" then you don't get the issue.

    1. Nice post Jammy!
      But this post is specially for TDS and GlassMapper starter and it contains step by step information about solution