Trick To Add Custom Application Option in Sitecore 7+

Are you struggling to add custom application option in Sitecore Menu? If you are using Sitecore 6.6 and not able to add application option in Sitecore menu then please visit Jeremy Davis’s blog– he has explained the solution very well! But If you are using Sitecore 7+ then this post will help you. In Sitecore 6.6, you need to remove .aspx extension from your Application Shortcut item to start displaying in Sitecore menu. But that solution will not work if you are using Sitecore 7+. In Sitecore 7+ you need to add URL attribute in raw value of Application Field as suggested in below screen-shots.

If you observe any of default application shortcut, you will find this url attribute in Application field raw value.

But when you add your custom application shortcut, no such url attribute is getting added.

Hence you need to add url attribute manually to fix this issue.

 After adding URL attribute, refresh the Content Editor and you will now see your Application option in Sitecore Menu.

Enjoy your Sitecore Journey!

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