Sitecore Module: WeBlog Not Displaying Latest Blog Entries?

Hey Sitecore Techies! Most of you may be currently enjoying one of the best Sitecore events that every Sitecore developer would like to attend – that is Sitecore Symposium event.  Hope you are having good learning time. Let’s add one more learning today. Scenario: If you are using Sitecore Module – WeBlog and if you face a situation where your blog page is NOT showing latest blog posts on live environment, then this post may help you. Solution: The solution is simple, you need to rebuild the search index of “WeBlog” and “Web” as shown in below screen capture.

After rebuilding above search indexes, your blog page should now show all expected blog posts. If you would like to know where WeBlog index is configured?, then you should refer WeBlog.config file under App_ConfigInclude folder.

Have a happy Sitecore Journey!

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