How to customize [No Text In Field] message of Sitecore Page Editor?

Hello Sitecore busy bees! How’s your Sitecore Journey going on? Recently one of  the regular Sitecore Journey readers (Varun Shringarpure) raised a small but good to know question. Sitecore Journey was awared about the answer of this question, but was not able to recall. Finally Sitecore Journey found the answer and to keep this answer handy, thought to document it via blog. Scenario: User wants to customize the [No Text In Field] message of page editor in Sitecore. Those who don’t know where and when this message comes, the answer is – whenever any Sitecore item field is blank and that page is accessed in page editor mode then you will see [No Text In Field] message as mentioned below.

Solution: Solution is very simple until you find it 🙂 I think most of you will agree with me that, the best thing about Sitecore is – it’s flexibility. Sitecore is so flexible that you can customize almost everything. This customization can be done either hooking your code or updating settings. Let’s move on and see how can we customize [No Text In Field] message, switch to core database and go to /sitecore/content/Applications/WebEdit/WebEdit Texts item.

Now change Default Text field to customize the message.

Here is the result:

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