5 Tips Before You Appear For Sitecore Interview!

Friends – in this changing world, technology and tools are changing day by day likewise interview method is also changing.

When you appear for an interview, you may think that you have tough job and interviewer has very relaxing job. But it’s not like that, in-fact interviewer has to make sure that he selects the right candidate. Interviewer needs to focus on many other parameters apart from technical knowledge of a candidate such as: – How is candidate’s attitude? – How is candidate’s problem solving skills? – How is candidate’s fundamental knowledge of Sitecore? – Does candidate know about the company where he is applying for job? – How does candidate behave in some conflicting situation with team of customer? But many times candidates only focus on preparing technical part of interview and ignore above mentioned parameters. As a result, a technically sound candidate sometimes get disqualified due to lack of preparation in such parameters. Hence it is highly recommended to think about these points before you appear for an interview and I am sure this video will help you to impress the interviewer. Have a Happy Interview!

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