Thursday, 15 January 2015

Is your Sitecore 8 package installer goes in never ending loop?

Friends - Have you started your Sitecore 8 Journey? How's it? It's awesome.. right?
You will observe many new things while exploring Sitecore 8. This post will talk about one of such things.

If you find that your Sitecore 8 package installer is going in never ending loop, then this post may help you.

If you look at your logs during package installation, then you may find few errors reported by Sitecore.Analytics.MongoDB. This tells that your Sitecore 8 instance is not able to connect with your Mongo DB.

Well, solution is very simple. You need to start your MongoDB database process by firing below command:
mongod.exe --dbpath "[location of your MongoDB/data/db]"
For example:
mongod.exe --dbpath "C:\Program Files\MongoDB 2.6 Standard\data\db"

In case, if you haven't installed/configured MongoDB for your Sitecore 8 then you need to first setup MongoDB and then start MongoDB database process.

If you are looking for how to setup MongoDB then this link may help you.

After staring MongoDB database process, now try to install package in your Sitecore 8 instance and it should get installed without any issue.


  1. Hi Nilesh,

    Thanks. Saved me a lot of time with this article.

    I'm having the same trouble with Sitecore.Analytics.MongoDB as viewed from the Sitecore log. Just needed to have the MongoDB started and the installation worked well as expected.


  2. Thank you The Belly Boy...!!! Good to hear the it helped you, that is the purpose of this article...

  3. hi Nilesh, i am having same problem with SQLSERVER2012, please let me know what to do ?
    it goes into an infinite loop.

    1. Hey Sunil - Have you started your MongoDB service?

    2. hey Nilesh, i am not using MongoDB at all and it is not installed on my system, i am using SQLSERVER2012 as my database which is on a network server, so why i need to install MongoDB and why i start MongoDB service ? hope you will show me exact path as per my query.

    3. i am stucked at this point, and this problem doesn't occur every time, sometimes it is quickly installed but sometimes it is not.

    4. same problem with index building ?

  4. Yes.. you will face same issue while building index. You should configure your mongodb service as auto start as suggested in below link, so you need not start it every day manually. Please check your connection string file, there are mongoDb connections and that's why you need to configure this service.

  5. Replies
    1. Good to see that my blog posts are helping Sitecore community!
      Thanks Nikki!

  6. A little late in the game, but I disabled Analytics on local and packages started to install properly.

    <setting name="Analytics.Enabled" value="false" />