Monday, 17 November 2014

Sitecore Interview Questions Book

Today you will be happy to know that Sitecore Journey is going contribute in one more area of Sitecore knowledge sharing.

Now a days it's good to see that Sitecore community is growing and many Sitecore developers are sharing their learning with us.  But still there is one area where we are lacking. There is only one person who has contributed in that area, he is none other than Sitecore Guru - John West.

Yes, I am taking about Sitecore Book. John West has written awesome Sitecore book, it is Sitecore Bible which every Sitecore developer must read.

There was a little thought in my mind when I started blogging about Sitecore.That thought was about writing:
  •  A book which answers all of the questions faced by Sitecore newcomers.
  • A book which can give quick start to new Sitecore developers.

After spending good amount of idle time (e.g. weekends and holidays) on this project, today I am here with first cut of this project - Sitecore Interview Questions book. Although this is very basic book which covers frequently asked Sitecore questions. This first edition contains a collection of 100 Sitecore questions for beginners.

Cover Page:

Back Page:

Thanks to my colleague for designing such nice cover and back pages of this book.

For Sitecore experienced developers, Sitecore Journey has future plan to release second edition of this book having 200 questions and some awesome learning experience included.

Till then stay tuned and have a happy book reading!

[Update - 13th Oct, 2016]

Sitecore Interview Questions book has reached 31K views!

I am continuously getting request for Sitecore Interview Question book download link every other week. I have never thought that it will have such a HUGE 31K views.

After seeing such a huge response and continuous download link request, thought to share full PDF download link in public.

Download Full Book here.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Is Your Sitecore Package NOT Creating Items?

Few days ago, installing Sitecore package on stage server was NOT creating any item at expected location. It surprised me!

Then like other Sitecore developer, we examined the package and at first glance we found it OK.
But after examining package closely, we found that Sitecore package contained different parent item name than expected. So we went back to content editor and found that parent item name was as expected. Then why Sitecore was creating different parent folder name in package?

We were stuck up at this point and solving this puzzle can solve our package issue also.

Suddenly we realized that Sitecore has feature called Display Name which empowers you to show different item name in content editor than actual item name. Could it be culprit of this issue?

We kept digging in that direction and found that it was the only culprit of our package installation issue.

We went to display name field of our parent item name and found that it was containing text "Why Work Here". We removed that text and it revealed everything. After removing text from display name, we found that original item name was different than "Why Work Here". It was "Why Work Here At" and we saw same name while examining Sitecore package items.

Due to this, Sitecore was creating package for item having name "Why Work Here At" and was trying to install at item name having "Why Work Here" which was NOT existing at destination.

We then recreated package and installed on Stage server. It worked!
This may seem simple issue once you found the reason, but it's good to share.

Have a happy Sitecore Journey!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Are You Unable To Select User In Sitecore Access Viewer?

My Sitecore Buddies, how is your Sitecore Journey going on?
Ready for today's journey? Let's begin!

If you are developer then FF must be your favorite browser. But if you are NOT able to select user/role under Access Viewer in Sitecore, then this post will help you to fix it.

1) Click Select User in the Access Viewer under Security menu
2) Select Role/User
3) Click OK
4) Neither Role/User is selected or shown in  Recent list

If you are facing such issue, then try to check if any Error under Console option under firebug in your Firefox browser.

If you come across is null error then it's a bug (accepted by Sitecore Support) which can be fixed easily.

1. Open the sitecore\shell\Controls\JqueryModalDialogs.html file.
2. Replace the following line:
    With these lines:
     if (top._scDialogs.length == 0 && navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Firefox") != -1) 
3. Save the changes and clear your browser cache.

Thank you Mike Chafin for sharing this fix on Sitecore forum. This will help lots of our Sitecore friends and will redirect Sitecore support traffic to Sitecore Journey :)

Keep your Sitecore Journey going on!!!